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We work with passion and commitment. When someone says a thing it's impossible to accomplish our employees embrace the challange of networking and telecommunication industry and seek to turn obstacles into opportunities, making them change their mind and showing them that nothing is impossible. It takes a special set of skills to navigate the deadline-driven and fast-paced enviorment of any telecommunication project. We bring a winning attitude to everything we aim to achieve.

- Base Station, Small Cell, DAS, Repeater, IoT Equipment installations
- Integrated Power Management Systems installation (including Hybrid, Solar, Batteries and Inverter solutions)
- Script and Database generation & execution
- Rip & replace, Hot swaps
- Carrier add & aggregation, Call testing
- 3rd Party System Integration
Construction & Infrastructure Services
- Antenna & Cable installation
- Heavy & Light Civils
- Electrical
- Generators, Batteries
- OSP - directional drilling, trenching, conduit/underground fiber installation, aerial fiber installation
- Tower Erection (Guyed and Self-supporting)
- Shelter and Equipment Room installation
- Site Acquisition
Managed Services
- Active and Passive maintenance
- Diesel Supply Management
- Generator, IPMS, Batteries & HVAC maintenance
- Tower Infrastructure maintenance - painting, reinforcing, torque test, etc
- Shelter and Equipment Room maintenance
- NOC services
- Site Ground maintenance


Antenna and Cable management


Cable Management & Maintenance


Cabinet Management & Maintenance

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Work at VOXTEL

The telecommunications industry in the United States is constantly evolving and in constant need of workers. Despite the benefits and high earnings, not everyone is willing to have business trips frequently and few can resist working at heights, so service companies are recruiting new employees on a regular basis.

We appreciate the work of our specialists and we care about them offering the best conditions among employers.


of working with us


Since 2017, we have been working in large and high-responsibility units in different states. We have a strong material base, well-established work processes and all the conditions for professional growth. We are well prepared and trained to provide high standards services.

Technical equipment

Our teams are well equipped with all the necessary machines and tools to do the required job. We can start working with no delay, no waiting time because of machine and tool renting.


We encurage you to learn from those who have the experience to work themselves. Our mentors invest all their practical experience in beginners and grow industrial mountaineering pros. A novice employee with a good level of spoken English can grow to a crew leader/brigadier in a short period. Even if he doesn't have a very good English level, it will grow to top hand.

Reliability and stability

We work with customers for a long time and without intermediaries. That's why we have:

  • reliable labor relations and high fees
  • employees always get paid on time
  • clear workflows and standards
  • well-established life in one state for a long time

Comfortable start

We know that every fresh start it's difficult. That's why we help promising candidates upon arrival in Chicago to settle down.

We are building the internet of tomorrow, the internet that changes the future and makes unbelivable things possible, a reality.
Do you want to be part of the change? Leave a request for work at VOXTEL filling out the form and we will contact you.

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